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As your business evolves, so do the complexities of Human Resources. HR Partner Group will provide the human resources expertise you need to help your organization succeed.

Our Services

Comprehensive HR Compliance Audit

We take all the legal legwork off your hands and ensure you're doing all those "complicated HR things" required by law. Whether it's federal leave requirements, statutory labor laws, or all the legal necessities in between, we can help.

HR Policy & Procedure Assistance

We provide all the tools you need to help your employees be engaged and committed. Whether it’s updating job descriptions, overhauling your handbooks or helping coach people to be the best they can be, we’ve got you.

HR Solutions

We know that people are the key ingredient to what helps your business succeed. We ensure you have the best people working and engaged to help drive your business forward.

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About Us

As your business evolves, so do the complexities of Human Resources. If you are a non-profit or a small to medium-sized business, you might not have the need or capacity to hire a full-time HR employee. Whether you need to transform your workplace, put HR strategies and processes in place, or simply want help with a specific HR issue, HR Partner Group is here to help.

What Our Clients Say

HR Partner Group improved our operations in hiring, training, performance feedback, and aligning our people to our mission, vision and values. She helped improve our leadership and organizational development processes. The team genuinely cares about the people they work with, which is what makes them so unique.

Max B.

Executive Director, Forest Hill

HR Partner Group is great for a growing businesses who has no HR. They updated our employee handbook, made sure we were legally compliant and was readily available when COVID-19 happened to answer all our questions and help our business stay open. 

Stephie N.

Co-owner, Green Brothers Juice

When I took over HR, HR Partner Group provided me HR consulting expertise and coached me through a myriad of different HR situations. They are always readily available and quick to respond. I am so grateful for the abundance of resources and tools they provided to help our organization grow quickly. 

Jen R.

HR and Database Director, New City

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